“Movement brings Joy & Purpose to many lives”

Sara Picken-Brown
Residents of the Rosewood Carehome, London 2022

Valetudo Group was founded by Sara Picken-Brown in 2017, internationally recognised fitness and dance teacher, coach and professional of over 20 years.

Our programs are currently operating throughout selected high end Assisted Living and care facilities in London, with a range of movement and dance specialty group based programs tailored to those with:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinsons
  • Mobility challenges (wheel chair classes in dance and yoga)
  • Older Adults

At Valetudo Group we believe that:

  • Through dance & movement we can improve the physical and psychological health of people in assisted living care.
  • Through dance & movement it is possible to bring people together and improve understanding and connection.
  • Through dance & movement we aim to improve ‘mindbody’ health and wellbeing and thus life quality no matter the health challenge faced.
  • Advocacy in the belief that dance & movement is an important part of healthy people and healthy communities
  • To use dance & movement to enhance people’s mental and physical health both within and outside of formal healthcare settings.
  • To operate an effective equal opportunities policy in all aspects of our work.