Movement & Music

Taking up dance as an adult is a great choice if you are looking for a way to improve your posture, flexibility, tone your muscles and gain the poise and elegance of a ballerina. Our courses are designed with You in mind.

They are friendly and welcoming for people from all walks of life.

Dance and lyrical movement is a beautiful art form, a way of expressing yourself and it has many benefits:

  • Toning the whole body
  • Strengthening and lengthening muscles
  • Increasing memory, balance, core stability & flexibility
  • Improving coordination, musicality and rhythm
  • Dancing increases serotonin levels making us feel happier!

Strengthens the MindBody Connection:

Dance helps to boost self-esteem and self-confidence while making us feel calmer and more connected to our body.

Reduces Depression & Anxiety

Trials done on the effects of physical exercise and psychophysiological dance movement has on all ages, especially as we age and reveals that dance helps to decrease loneliness, depression, and negative mood significantly.

Improves Motor Skills:

Dance as a therapy can help with coordination and balance which builds motor skills.

It can also help with maintaining motor functioning as we age.